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Wheely Clean Care Pack Wheel Iron Fallout Cleaner Rim Brake Alloy

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We put together our new Wheely Clean car care pack to provide customer both new and old with an exciting deal on our new range of Autobrite products.
Purple Rain -
  • New improved formula
  • Advanced cleaning
  • Dissolves contaminants upon contact
  • Created for wheels and bodywork
  • Thicker liquid, less run off
  • Suitable for use on all varnish surfaces.

Purple Rain 2.0 is an enhanced formula PH balanced Iron remover/cleaner designed to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants upon contact.

Created and tested specifically for cleaning wheels and paintwork

Safe for use on other exterior surfaces where iron contaminants are difficult to remove. this product.


Tyre Gloss -

  • Leaves a glorious shine to all rubber tyre surfaces
  • Control the look of your tyres - from satin to gloss
  • Water resistant
  • Durable and very easy to use
  • Cherry scented

Autobrite TyreGloss is a cherry scented liquid, gloss dressing for tyres that leaves a glorious shine to all rubber surfaces. You can control the look of your tyres by product application, apply a little for a satin finish, apply more for a high gloss finish. It leaves stunning finish to your tyres and is also water resistant too! 

Tyregloss is one of our first products we released in the car care market and many valeters & detailers still swear by the product today. Used in many car environments Tyregloss certainly gets the job done! A durable tyre dressing that leaves a lovely sheen. Tyregloss can be used on a regular basis. The product enables precise application and minimizes the risk of "product sling" thrown onto the adjacent body panels. treated tyres will retain a rich gloss black finish that will last wash after wash for many weeks at a time.

Our 500ml and 1 litre retail bottles now come with a chemical resistant trigger to dispense it, due to the nature of the product and ingredients within it we have had to upgrade our triggers to prolong the life of them. 

BriteGel -
A sticky, lemon and lime scented, non acidic wheel cleaning gel that clings to the wheel surface enabling maximum penetration into the dirt, grime and brake dust on your alloy wheels. The sticky gel formula clings to the alloy and tyre with no run off giving you a increased time to clean your wheels thoroughly and leaves no waste! A powerful cleaning gel formula that provides superb foaming, powerful yet gentle cleaning and great rinsing. 

Combined with the stickiness of Britegel and performance this is certainly the best wheel cleaner we make here at Autobrite Direct and certainly one of the best on the market today. Its ease of use is outstanding and in most cases when cleaning your wheels you simply need to spray and rinse and most if not all the dirt is gone! In extreme cases heavily brake dusted wheels may require additional agitation. BriteGel is also wax friendly and wont affect your existing wheel waxes and sealants. 

Britegel is ready to use and requires a heavy duty trigger (BriteGel Trigger) to dispense it. The trigger supplied gives an even, thick covering ensuring total coverage on the surface with no run off and no waste! A pH balanced gel formula with powerful cleaning capabilities that is suitable for any wheel surface, even the most delicate alloy wheels on the market today such as bare metal, chrome, steel or un protected, un-lacquered surfaces. A quick and easy way to clean your alloy wheels and tyres. BriteGel certainly makes light work and transforms your wheels like new.
BriteGel is designed to be ready to use and requires no dilution.

Do not apply BriteGel to hot wheels or in high temperatures. Allow the wheels to cool before use. 

Very Cherry -

  • Can be diluted up to 20-1
  • Powerful non acid free Formulation
  • Safe on all alloy wheels clear coated and lacquered
  • Very effective on brake dust wheels
  • Does not degrade wheel wax or wheel sealant
Very cherry professional Strength Alkaline Acid Free wheel cleaner contains a powerful blend of degreasers and cleaners to clean your alloy wheels. A very effective, deep cleaning performing, high foaming cleaning agent that provides superb cleaning power on your wheels and tyres to remove the harshest of dirt, grime and brake dust. Ideal to use on all modern painted & clear coated wheel finishes. 

In most cases VCNA can be applied to the alloy wheel and then rinsed under pressure with no agitation needed, the power of this product makes light work of cleaning your alloy wheels even with the most stubborn brake dust, grime and dirt. Of course in extreme cases of brake dust we recommend you apply to the alloy wheel and leave for a couple of minutes to penetrate into the dirt and rinse with ease.

VCNA is not ideal for bare metal, chrome, and polished alloy wheels. We do recommend you always try on an inconspicuous area before proper use. As always with all of the Autobrite range of products our VCNA is bio-degradable and not harmful for the environment. 

VCNA can dilute up to 20-1 for light cleaning, and as low as 2-1 for heavy cleaning and degreasing to remove the most stubborn, baked on brake dust and grime.