Turbo Charger GTX3582R GEN2 FG 1.15a/r 14.7psi

Turbo Charger GTX3582R GEN2 FG 1.15a/r 14.7psi

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Introducing, the all new GEN II GTX3582R Ford Falcon Bolt On Turbocharger!

This custom built Garrett GTX3582R GEN II is designed as a bolt on Upgrade Turbochargers for the Ford Falcon FG XR6 Turbo. With 800 flywheel horesepower capabilities, the GTX3582R GEN II is for the serious users who want to make over 600rwhp, in a low mounted factory bolt on combination. The GTX3582R GEN II comes with a specifically designed Stainless Steel 1.15a/r Turbine Housing, with a HUGE 38mm wastegate port, and 42mm Wastegate flapper.

  • Bearing Type: Ball Bearing
  • Cooling System:Oil &, Water Cooled
  • Horsepower: 600-800hp
  • Application: Ford Falcon XR6 FG Models
  • Actuator: GCG Billet 14psi (supplied with additional 5psi spring to bring the minimum boost to 19psi if required)
  • Expected Power: Proven 500rwkw+ with supporting modifications, and E85 fuel


  • Turbine Housing - 1.15a/r Stainless Steel Turbine Housing allows for the ultimate in performance, without sacrificing excessive boost response.
  • Factory Turbo Orientation - Oil Feed, Oil Drain, Water Lines and Dump Pipe connection is in an identical position to the factory setup, allowing for easy re-fitment.
  • Factory Turbo Position - These turbochargers still look very similar to a factory unit, and utilize the factory manifold, and exhaust system.
  • Ultimate Boost Control - Largest Wastegate Porting, and largest Wastegate flapper to match, ensuring consistent boost control throughout the rev range.
  • Supporting Re-Fitment Parts - Exhaust studs, locking nuts for the dump pipe, and a complete turbocharger gasket kit is included.


  • Air Inlet Hose/Pipe - The factory turbocharger has a 3.0"" Inlet, the GTX3582R GEN II has a 4.0"" Inlet. A simple reducer hose, or a little fabrication may be required to adapt to your existing setup. Alternatively, you could use the Process West 4.0"" Race Airbox in the related items below, specific for the FG Falcon 4.0"" Inlet Upgrades.
  • Air Outlet Hose/Pipe - The factory turbocharger has a 2.0"" Outlet, the GTX3582R GEN II has a 2.5"" Outlet. Again, this can be as simple as a reducer hose, or some slight fabrication to make it all go together.

Thats It! - Extremely simple to re-fit, with minimal modifications to adapt to your existing setup!