Easy Skin paint coating - (Removable protective rubberised spray-on "dip") plastidip

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Easyskin Spray is a multi-purpose speciality rubber coating that is applied just by spraying. Create your own styles with a wide variety of colours and remove it just by peeling it off.


  • Very durable, having a lifespan of 2-3 years
  • Very tough, even survived high pressure water jet testing
  • Withstand harsh conditions such as strong sunlight and rain
  • Protect against corrosion, physical, chemical and heat damage
  • Smooth and high quality textured finish
  • Peel-able, just pick at the edge of it and start peeling
  • Available in a 13 oz / 400 mL Spray

Suggested quantity: 1 can per wheel

Will it doing any damage to my vehicle?

NO. Easyskin is a special rubber fiber, single-liquid coating paint, for corrosion-prevention, and provides physical and chemical protection. It protecting your paint against fading from the sun, also It has excellent anti salinity, is water proof.f, heatproof, and anti-low temp, providing protection for the painted material. It also has outstanding detachability after drying, so it is good for protection of coated materials and masking.

Why use easy skin not P brand product?
Easyskin will give you a smoother finish and set you apart from others. Most important you can D.I.Y. without any professional equipment, most easy and cost- efficient way to change the colour and texture of your ride and turn.

Is it permanent?
Easyskin is a temporary method to change the texture and colour of your vehicle. It is easily removable. However, It is very durable, with care it can last years.
Been test under high pressure washing gun it won’t come off, you’ll have to pick at it on the edge and then peel it off.