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Autobrite Purple Rain 2.0 500ml Iron Fallout Remover - Wheel Rims Mags Dust

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Purple Rain 2.0 is an enhanced new formula PH balanced Iron remover/cleaner designed to dissolve brake dust and iron contaminants upon contact. Created specifically for cleaning wheels and paintwork, it is also safe for use on other exterior surfaces where iron contaminants are difficult to remove.

  • New improved formula
  • Advanced cleaning
  • Dissolves contaminants upon contact
  • Created for wheels and bodywork
  • Thicker liquid, less run off

Examples of contaminants – Railway dust, which can be highly resistant to all but the most aggressive detailing clays, and industrial iron-rich fallout.

Purple Rain 2.0 comes to the correct strength for safe exterior use (it is suitable for use on exterior surfaces). Wash and rinse the surfaces you are going to treat in the normal way.

Next, spray on liberally, any iron contaminants dissolve into solution, the initially colourless liquid will gradually turn purple/red within approx 1-4 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the surfaces you have treated with a strong stream of water. If you let the solution dry on fully, you may need to use a stronger jet of water from a pressure washer to remove the film.

Tip – You can agitate the product with either a microfibre towel (on bodywork and glass) or a brush on wheels) if need be. After 5 minutes.

How to Use

1. Shake well and spray/apply Purple Rain to a cool surface and wait approx 2-10 minutes for the product to work on bodywork and 1-5 minutes on wheel surfaces.

2. As the product starts to work you will see the Purple Rain reacting with the iron contaminants by the product running from the surface in a Purple colour. When Purple Rain has fully penetrated into the surface which is usually approx 10 minutes, simply rinse the surface clean under pressure revealing a clean and contaminant free surface!

3. Apply a second coat of Purple Rain is the surface is heavily contaminated

Average consumption per complete car: 100 ~ 150ml. 

No shelf live for Purple Rain -keep closed in cool, dry place.