1JZ/2JZ GTE non VVT-i GTR Ignition Coil Conversion

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This kit allows installation of the Nissan GTR VR38DETT Ignition coil. With the right spark plug gap these coils have been successfully tested to over 1000hp without the added expense of a CDI 

Some custom wiring will be needed as these coils suit a 3 pin connector opposed to the factory 2 pin. Each coil has its own built in igniter and will require removal of the factory external igniter. 

You will additionally need to remove the two factory crossover breathers that run between both cam covers to provide clearance as the GTR coil is significantly taller than the factory 2jz unit. 

We recommend using genuine Hanshin coils however, the following are the part numbers of ignition coil that this kit is designed to suit: 

Nissan P/N: 22448-JF00B // Hanshin P/N: AIC-2410N 

Stainless hardware included