10 Pack TOOLBOX WARNING DECALS Construction Job Site Tradie Work OH&S Funny

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STOP PESKY TOOL THEIVES, WORKSHOP STICKY BEAKS AND ANNOYING PATRONS! We all know how much maintaining a complete set of quality tools costs, how annoying a mate telling you how to do your job, people touching the work truck, your hard hat or asking to borrow your tools, this bulk kit is a quick and easy way to get your message across to potential tool “borrowers” and other annoyances. Hopefully that 10mm socket wont go wandering this time! Some of these items may contain swearing or offensive text. At leasst 10 items will be packaged in the pack – Dont touch my tools, Dont touch my truck, Dont touch my hard hat, Dont tell me how to do my job, etc. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE AT THE WORKSHOP!

(combination may change, subject to availability).

Give a little character to your car, bike, fridge, toolbox! This decal is designed to apply to any smooth surface.


  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Easy to Install
  • Custom cut from high quality sign vinyl
  • Weather and water proof

Physical Construction:

  • Material: 5-10 year Premium Rated Outdoor Life Vinyl
  • INK: Eco-Solvent UV Treated INK
  • Cutting: Electronnic computer Cut
  • Tape: Application Tape applied to relevant decals to assist with installation.