Hyundai i30 N

Well this might seem outside our usual MO, but we loved the i30N press car we had on loan to review so much, we just bought our own. The i30N comes with a 2.0L turbo engine which puts out 202kW (281hp) in standard form. Not being satisfied with staying standard, it wasn't long before the car was fitted out ready for WTAC 2017, where it was sidelined for being "too fast" for our class for a car without a roll cage. So what did we do? We got a roll cage fitted overnight, and competed the following day, achieving a respectable time of 1m44s, placing us as one of the fastest front wheel drives of the event, certain the fastest true FWD street car. Development has continued over the past two years, where we find this one of the most capable road legal track cars we have ever owned.